About Us

Skylar Energy is an energy trading and marketing organization focused on term structured transactions. Our experience in energy markets allows us to serve clients by providing them with unique, customized structured solutions which are often difficult to find in the marketplace. Skylar can best be described as a hybrid organization that can invest as well as any private equity firm, quote prices as well as any trading house, build asset as well as any development company, structure products as well as any bank, warehouse risk as well as any long term fund, and find physical or financial solutions as well as any merchant energy firm….and we do it faster and more efficiently than others.

Skylar Energy LP was formed in 2013 to meet the risk management and intermediation needs of the energy marketplace with the exit of energy merchants, banks and funds.

Skylar Energy LP and our renewable affiliate Skylar Resources LP were formed as a direct result of customers approaching us seeking long term, hard to find structured energy supply solutions. Most customers were aware of our extensive trading and marketing experience in prior organizations as well as our current trading fund Skylar Capital Management LP.

Starting in 2012, Skylar recognized that the retreat of funds, banks and merchants in the medium to long term energy space would create a vacuum of intermediation services for both customers and suppliers. Fewer firms were available to provide price transparency, physical and financial liquidity, and overall customized solutions to reduce forward uncertainty at reasonable credit terms. Using our expertise and financial resources, we began Skylar Energy and Skylar Resources to meet the intermediation and structured solution needs of the market.