Sample Transactions

Product:- Structured 15-Year Power Sale
Buyer:- Electric Cooperative in Southwest
Need:- Long term, fixed price physical power supply solution
- Delivered at a less liquid trading hub
- Less than one month required to close transaction
- Shaped pricing required
Solution:- Skylar was able to structure a solution to meet client’s needs
- Quoted a fixed price delivered product
- Transaction negotiated and closed in 4 weeks
- Skylar posted cash to satisfy credit/performance assurances
- Credit granted to customer to avoid them having to post
Product:- Firm Solar Energy & RECs sale for 25 years
Buyer:- Municipal Utility
Need:- Solar Energy + RECs delivered on a firm basis
- Delivered at a hub with takeaway transmission rights
- Firm, fixed volume delivery
- Minimum 50% renewable energy and RECs required annually
- Peaking solution required to maintain firm delivery
Solution:- Skylar was able to coordinate a solution to meet client’s needs
- Developed a fixed price when others could not
- Solution involves backup supply
- Eliminates client’s needs to manage intermittency